for the person looking for 3-12 months of coaching to transform their mindset & life

Let's zero in on your next best steps, together.

We'll start with my signature process for connecting with core values & intuition, then set tangible & actionable goals. From there, we'll map out a plan based on how long we're working together to dial in new routines, healthy boundaries, take action, and craft the life you've always dreamed of.

1:1 Intuitive Life Coaching

What does intuition have to do with anything?

Coaching isn't the process of being told what to do by a coach or hoping they'll fix all of your problems. Coaching is a collaborative process that requires the individual to be connected with their own intuition, deep desires, and life purpose along the way. I believe that making changes from a place of "should" is the quickest way to build a life you don't even like. Intuition and deep mindset work is the foundation underneath building the life you've always dreamed of through aligned decision making and action.

if you don't feel connected to your intuition at all (yet) - you're still in the right place. Keep scrolling.

“After working with Marybeth, I felt equipped and energized to continue working to bring all aspects of my life into alignment with my values in big and small ways.”

— a badass client of mine


no. 01

Fill Out an Application

This is to make sure we're a good fit for each other, and to give me an idea of where you're at.

no. 02

Make it Official

After the application, I'll be in touch to schedule a free 30 minute virtual chat to meet and see if we're a good fit to work together. 

no. 03

Coaching Begins

Once we decide to start working together, we'll put some dates on the calendar, sign a contract, and dive in. You also have access to all public workshops and classes, free of charge, for the duration of our time working together.

from Monica:

"Marybeth is an incredibly talented and creative individual. She gives you all of the tools, and is with you every step"

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from ashley

“Marybeth is so good at what she does!”

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"Working with Marybeth over the last 7 months has been a joy.

 I always thought I could get out of this rut by myself after 53 years in the rat race. The first step was reaching out, the second step was trusting her system, and the third step was doing the work. From there, all things seemed to "magically" fall into place. No magic, just a great coach who brings a ton of experience to the table and a system that works with no judgement along the way."

— Robert, coaching client

You're already more capable than you know.

But if you're anything like me, you thrive with the support of a coach to focus, re-align, and take action. 

During coaching sessions, we'll get grounded and then get real about what vision you hold for your highest self, right now and in years to come. There's an immense joy in getting to share your wildest dreams with a nonjudgemental someone (me) and not only having them held in confidence, but believed.

Be more connected to the feeling of your own intuition, core values, and what absolutely lights you up.

Have begun the lifelong work of re-programming self-limiting beliefs and building self-trust.

Have many new tools and insider access to guides, resources, and events just for folks like you.

Be able to clearly articulate any personal or professional boundaries that are important to you.

Know what actions to take next, and the root of why you're taking them.

Be able to identify your own self-sabotage in the future & schedule check-ins throughout your life.

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This      for you if:


you want to dive deep

you want something longer term

You're ready to take action

It's probably        for you if...


you don't do vulnerable convos


you're looking for someone to do everything for you

looking for more detail?

What's Included:


Bi-weekly 90-minute customized, private, virtual coaching calls to fit your schedule.


Customized live and recorded guided breath work, meditation, and journaling exercises.


A monthly customized check-in form with intentions, goals + space for reflections.


Access to all resources, guides, and public workshops. Discounts + early signup for retreats and in-person events.


24/7 chat access via a third-party messaging app (Voxer) which I'll respond to during business hours.



Access to a private membership hub

3 months:

6 months:

12 months:

I'm a burnt out Critical Care Flight Paramedic and college educator turned Life Coach, Intuitive Eater, Certified Personal Trainer,  and RYT200.

If you're into adventure, joyful movement, vegetarian food, living a slow & cozy life, slaying old raggedy narratives of self-doubt, a big helping of dog photos, and NAFB's (that's non-alcoholic fancy beverages) - you're in the right place.

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Day of Clarity
Coaching Sessions

Like a mini session of my coaching process where we'll utilize guided breath work, meditation, and journaling.

Perfect for business owners, creatives, past clients, or those who want to dip their toes into coaching.


Wtf is a Life Coach? Are you a therapist?

Short answer: no, I'm not a therapist. In fact, many of my clients work with me while also working with a therapist, and I encourage that combo when you feel like it's a good fit for you. A Coach is someone who holds space and facilitates self-discovery and connection in an impactful way. Imagine you're holding a bow and arrow, and where the arrow ends up is your life in 5 years. A coach is someone to help you pull back the heavy arrow and aim it before releasing. 

Is there any way to record our sessions together?

I will, at your request, record our session together - however my recommendation is to usually be fully in the moment instead. The likelihood of a thoughtful re-watch is low (based on previous case-studies), and you'll receive a detailed follow-up from me directly after the coaching call with our main aha-moments highlighted.

How much will we communicate?

Every business day, if you'd like. All of my long term 1:1 clients have access to Voxer where I'll answer during office hours. Coaching calls are bi-weekly, but I never go that full time period between calls without checking in. It is a highly individualized process - some people like way more contact and check-ins than others, so I'll learn your preferences over time.

What if I'm interested in private yoga, personal training, or cooking classes?

If you'd like more info on those things or something else all together - inquire for a more precise pricing sheet. The baseline packages that I offer are meant to benefit anyone, but some benefit even more from sprinkling in a la carte items like this. Last year I taught virtual private yoga sessions to one client, taught another how to boil her first egg, and got another back into the gym with a personalized training plan - since that was one of her goals.

Cook with me



Monthly vegetarian cooking classes made to cultivate creativity, increase confidence, and reduce food waste.

Find me around the web @LivingWells_

If you're into intentional living with a dose of realism, cozy recipes, and finding beauty in the small things  -  you're in the right place.

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