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Food is a powerful tool for connecting with creativity and play

As a Life Coach, Medic, NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, and 200RYT with an anti-diet, HAES approach, I deeply believe in repairing and restoring our relationship with food and nutrition outside of restriction.

I teach monthly, virtual cooking classes aimed at building confidence as a home cook, cultivating creativity with ingredients, and reducing food waste through ingredient prep for the week ahead.

Cooking classes are a fun, laid back experience, and make the perfect thoughtful gift or solo weekend activity.


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Register & Pay

Register for the class that you're interested in. You'll receive a registration confirmation automatically.

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Get Ready

Keep an eye out for the menu & full recipes in your inbox after registration. If you're cooking along, go ahead and make a list and grocery shop.

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Cook With Me!

Each cooking class is 90-ish minutes, unless otherwise noted. Classes are small group and interactive - but there's no pressure to turn your camera on or cook along. Post-class you'll get an email with links to any resources we talked about.

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“Marybeth is so good at what she does!”

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"Marybeth is amazing to work with - so much so that I've partnered with her to lead two (very different) sessions for me: one on photography and one on cooking. She made the planning process seamless for each one, and her teaching in both cases was easy to follow, so helpful, really informative, and FUN.

I can't wait to work with her again!"

— Anna, private cooking class client


Are all of your classes Vegan?

All classes are vegetarian, with a high likelihood of being vegan and gluten free. As someone who was strictly Vegan for many years for ethical reasons, I always offer lots of modifications and substitutes in both pre-class communication and real-time. If you're skeptical of a fully plant-based meal, I encourage you to give it a go. Worst case scenario, you'll learn about some new delicious ingredients and how to prepare/pair them.

Will I get a copy of the recipe and groceries before class?

Yes! I aim to get all of the recipes and a full grocery list your way at least one week prior to the class date. This document also includes ways to use up ingredients that you'll have leftover from each class, and tips on produce storage. If you don't see this before the class, please check your junk/spam/promotions inboxes. If you have any questions about ingredients, feel free to reach out at

When will I get a link to access the class?

It'll be in your PDF as well as the reminder email your get prior to class.

Are cooking classes refundable?

Classes are not refundable - but you will receive a recording of the class to watch at your leisure, just in case your schedule changes or you're just not feeling it that day (for whatever reason).

Do I have to have my camera on and/or interact live?

Do whatever you're most comfortable with. Feel free to also interact and ask questions in the chat - I'll always do my best to pop into it every so often for those who are off-camera.

Do I have to cook along?

It's up to you! I think cooking along is a fun experience, and I recommend it since it gives you the chance to ask any questions that might come up in real-time. There's zero pressure to do-so, though - so if you wanna kick it with a bag of BBQ chips and watch that's up to you. If you're cooking along, please make sure to lay out all ingredients and equipment beforehand as they're listed (measured, chopped, etc.), as well as plan access to the recipes so you can read them for reference. This will make it a much more enjoyable experience.

Will I need a bunch of fancy equipment or random ingredients?

As a consumer, nothing makes me decide not to make a new recipe quite like immediately being bombarded with a bunch of shit I've never heard of, before. So the short answer is no. I always aim to make recipes approachable and easily attainable for the average home cook. If we use any specialty ingredients, they'll come with a disclaimer and links about how to not waste the rest.

Is this included for any of your coaching clients?

Monthly virtual cooking classes are included for all of my current 1:1 intensive life coaching clients. If you're curious about what that means, check out more about coaching, here

What if there are multiple people taking a class from one household (on the same device) - do we need to buy multiple tickets?

If that's within your budget, it's highly appreciated and is the most direct way to support my work and ensure that cooking classes continue. If it's not, it's totally fine to only purchase one ticket.

Do you offer private cooking classes?

I do! They start at $750 and are perfect for special occasions and corporate events. Keep scrolling for more info.

What's the cost of a cooking class?

$55. I plan to introduce class passes and memberships down the road that will be slightly discounted per class.

What's the cost of a cooking class?

$55. I plan to introduce class passes and memberships down the road that will be slightly discounted per class.

What if I'd really like to take a class, but I can't afford it?

Get in touch at, and we'll work something out.

I have a question that hasn't been answered - what should I do?

Get in touch at or this contact page.

I'm a burnt out Critical Care Flight Paramedic and college educator turned Life Coach, Intuitive Eater, Certified Personal Trainer,  and RYT200.

If you're into adventure, joyful movement, vegetarian food, living a slow & cozy life, slaying old raggedy narratives of self-doubt, a big helping of dog photos, and NAFB's (that's non-alcoholic fancy beverages) - you're in the right place.

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Private cooking classes can be a fantastic way to gather virtually with people from all over to celebrate special occasions, build community, and start conversations.

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