A photograph by Marybeth wells of the interior of a Hipcamp Cabin near Woodstock, Virginia. It's a rustic wooden cabin with a kitchenette and coffee bar.

My Stay at a Cozy Hipcamp Cabin Near Woodstock, Virginia



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This year I’ve had the pleasure of scouting out and photographing several epic cabins for Hipcamp, including an off-grid cabin in Staunton, VA, a tiny home near Lynchburg, and the remote but cozy Hipcamp cabin near Woodstock, VA that I’m writing about today.

A self-portrait taken by Marybeth Wells of her laying across a bed reading inside of a Hipcamp Cabin near Woodstock, Virginia

Why You’ll Love This Cozy Hipcamp Cabin

The cabin itself, Cedar Creek Cabin, is located a short distance away from several beautiful waterfront campsites on the same property. The sites have been added and curated over time in a way that leaves plenty of privacy between sites, nature to explore, and room for native plant life to thrive.

There’s a nature trail leading from the cabin to Cedar Creek, which my one-night stay didn’t allow me time to take.

When I first arrived at the cabin, the Hipcamp host ( If you’re reading this – hi, David!) was sitting outside in an Adirondack chair enjoying the afternoon sunshine outside of the main house he and his wife call home when they’re not in DC. I immediately felt welcome and comfortable, he offered me a drink (I declined since I don’t drink), and promptly took me over to the cabin that’s a short distance away from the main house.

We moseyed past a massive stack of firewood, past an outdoor fire pit with Adirondack chairs, and up a set of steps where they had thoughtfully placed a cooler of extra ice for my stay.

Cozy Hipcamp Cabin near Woodstock Virginia

What To Expect at The Cabin

The cabin is rustic, yes, but also full of so many creature comforts and thoughtful touches like a desk for writing, a well-stocked kitchenette, comfortable bedding, a rain shower with cedar planks, extra toiletries, and plenty of books to explore.

David gave me the grand tour and told me a little bit about himself. He’s a writer, attorney, and overall kind, interesting, human. One of my favorite things about this work (it’s certainly not the pay, which is unfortunately quite modest) is meeting new people and hearing their stories – and I could tell that his main driving factor for hosting people in this way is the same.

In a world of virtual and contactless everything, it’s refreshing to check in with a real person once in a while.

The cabin was a labor of love to build over many weeks, as the carpenter who was brought in from West Virginia to help build was only available on Sundays. Though there isn’t a separate bedroom, there is a cozy Murphy bed right next to the wood stove that doubles as the writing desk when it’s cranked up – making this the perfect cozy tin-roofed getaway for a family, a group of friends, or a solo traveler who wants plenty of space and comfy seating options.

After just enough time to feel welcomed, but not so much that it even come close to draining my introverted social battery – I was left alone and in utmost privacy for the remainder of my stay.

I made myself a fire to enjoy during sunset, ate an easy meal that I packed with me, and spent the evening sipping sparkling water, writing my weekly newsletter, and reading in bed.

enjoying an outdoor fire at a Cozy Hipcamp Cabin near Woodstock, VA
Cozy Hipcamp Cabin reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sara J Maas
Cozy Hipcamp Cabin
Cozy Hipcamp Cabin with cedar rainshower

My morning was slow, and nicely complimented by the rustic but well-appointed coffee bar, rain shower, and soft towels. I had made some chai seed pudding for my travels before leaving home, after which I remembered that I actually hate chia seed pudding – so breakfast was pretty sparse.

Once I was ready to head out, I packed my things and asked for directions to the campsites so that I could snap a few photos.

Not only did I get directions, I got a guided tour and a homemade latte.

Here are a few views from the nearby campsites:

As you can see, the creek is clear and clean enough to see the bottom. I’m planning to visit again with friends in warmer weather to swim and dry off in my hammock while reading a good book.

I left my stay mildly over-caffeinated, a little hungry (no one’s fault but my own), buzzing from good conversation, time in nature, and a memory card full of beautiful photos.

If you’re near Woodstock, Straus, or Middletown Virginia this is a must-stay. Make sure to ask the hosts for recommendations, check out the provided guest book inside the cabin, and read through a few places I tried and enjoyed while in the area.

Things to do near this cozy Hipcamp cabin near Woodstock, Virginia

Vineyards and Breweries

  • Muse Vineyards has beautiful views, charming seating and walking trail options, and a small but delicious rotating daily seasonal menu and supper Thursdays and Fridays – making it a beautiful-to-visit spot even if you don’t drink. They also have house-made soda and espresso.
  • Woodstock Brewhouse has rotating seasonal beers, wine, and house-made soda. It’s a neat spot within walking distance of a lot of other shops in downtown Woodstock, and just like Muse – their menu of munchies is worth eating sans any alcohol. Highlights are the giant Bavarian pretzel with beer cheese and the nachos that are a shareable portion.

Grocery Stores and Markets

  • Graden Super Market is a local, family-owned and operated grocery store and gas station. They carry what one would expect at a corner store along with lunch sandwiches from their deli. It apparently gets quite busy during lunch, so it might be wise to call ahead if you’re getting a sandwich.
  • Woodbine Farms & Market is also close by and has in-season produce grown right on their farm, along with homemade baked goods. They’re family owned and operated and according to the Hipcamp host, David, known for their cakes, pies, hospitality, local fruits, vegetables, cheeses, milk, ice cream, and a variety of crafts and other goodies.
  • Richard’s Fruit Market is a family-owned and operated market that offers fruits, vegetables, honey, jams, and other local goods, as well as antiques, crafts, and retail. Their highlight is a wonderful peach milkshake while they’re in season. I sadly missed the season, but they’re apparently a must if available.

Cafes and Restaurants

  • Woodstock Cafe has tasty drinks, a small selection of pastry items, a nice lunch menu, and plenty of comfortable seating. Check out their well-curated selection of foodie-approved retail while you’re there, or make dinner reservations if you’re going later in the day.
  • Flower & Water Co. is a full-scale bakery operation specializing in artisan bread and pastry. I, sadly, did not get to try this spot – but plan to when I go back. According to their website, they aim to use local ingredients, organic flour, and a shop experience with friendly service and a welcoming environment. They have tea service, brunch, and pizza night on Wednesdays.

If you’re from the area or familiar with it, I’d love to hear your other recommendations in the comments below!

Curious to learn more about staying at a cozy Hipcamp cabin or campsite like this one?

You can read my old blog that dives more into that here and click here for $10 off your first stay.

Happy Camping, friends.

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