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In 2020, when many of us felt more disconnected than ever, I started a virtual book club with my retired-librarian dad. Now, we've grown into a small but mighty group of bibliophiles reading fiction for fun and creating recipes inspired by our reads.

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The book club for fiction-loving dreamers and bookworms. Or people who just love food and read sometimes.

I went many years without reading for fun, and creating this book club with my retired-librarian dad has been a lovely way to come back home to fiction and deepened my connections with book loving peers, family members, and friends.



Wanna know more about the face behind The Reading Wells Book Club?

My story with books starts as a small child roaming the stacks in the library where my dad worked. A decade of overworking and burnout took me through a period of only reading textbooks & non-fiction  (tragic, I know), but I'm overjoyed to have come back around to the love of reading, for fun.

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If you're into intentional living with a dose of realism, cozy recipes, and finding beauty in the small things  -  you're in the right place.

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