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Before I was roped into thinking that I had to work a traditional (well, if you consider helicopters traditional) job forever, I was deeply creative.

After a period of intense burnout as a flight paramedic, I found my way home to a creative life that allows me to help others live well one day at a time through a range of life coaching, creative services, and events.

I believe moving, creating, and eating intuitively is the path to a fulfilled and intentional life.

All of my favorites things & resources, in one place.

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A curated list of the best gifts you can give the bookish people in your life - from free and/or affordable, to a little more in depth. 

I'm Marybeth Wells

Your brand new internet friend with benefits (not that kind!)

In the past decade, I've gone from burnt out Critical Care Paramedic and Educator to Coach and multi-hyphenate Creative.

If you're into adventure, gorgeous visuals, mindful movement and intuitive eating, living a slow & cozy life, slaying old raggedy narratives of self-doubt, a big helping of dog photos, and NAFB's (that's non-alcoholic fancy beverages) - you're in the right place.

Day of Clarity
Coaching Sessions

90-minutes of 1:1 Coaching with yours truly. I'll guide you through identifying and connecting with your core values and intuition through guided journaling, visualization, and breath work - then get to the root of what aligned action is next for you.

If you've been craving more clarity and support in your life, this is for you.

You take beautiful photos, period, but I think your coaching experience makes it so that you're 

uniquely qualified

to help people create photos that will actually be useful and represent them well.

Marybeth is                   
at what she does. From coaching to photography, she's helped me grow my brand and my yoga business.

so good

Marybeth is, honestly,

the best coach.



Book Club

In 2020, when many of us felt more disconnected than ever, I started a virtual book club with my retired-librarian dad. Now, we've grown into a small but mighty group of bibliophiles reading fiction for fun and creating recipes inspired by our reads.

Book Club Links

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Our full 2024 Reading List on The Storygraph

Song of Achilles: Date & Honey Pizza

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June 2024 Read:
Dating Dr. Dil

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My Guide to Mindful Social Media Consumption

A gentle nudge to check in with scrolling habits & screen time.

Find me around the web @LivingWells_

If you're into intentional living with a dose of realism, cozy recipes, and finding beauty in the small things  -  you're in the right place.

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