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A limited print run in support of equine rescue & rehabilitation

Red Feather Equine Sanctuary in Winston Salem, NC is on a mission to advance equine welfare through education, access and advocacy. This limited print run directly supports their efforts and operations.

Months ago, I had the opportunity to visit and co-create this art with the sanctuary's first inhabitant: Mario. 

Mario is a former racehorse, known as an Off the Track Thoroughbred (OTTB). He was rescued at a young age after injury by the founder of Red Feather, Allison.

About the shot:

As I walked around the sanctuary and met some of the residents  -  Mario gently approached the outside of the barn while we were inside and began "cribbing".

Red Feather volunteer and personal close friend Brooke explained to me that this is a behavior developed as a stress coping mechanism by many racehorses in response to being stalled the majority of each day. When a horse cribs, they bite down on wood (in this case, the barn stall) and gulp in a breath of air which releases endorphins. It's a self-soothing, nervous habit - in the similar way that nail-biting is for humans. 

While Mario was vulnerably self-soothing, the light hit his eye just right, and the rest is history.

Originally only one print was offered to the public at The Red Feather Art Show at DELURK which is viewable through November 2023. It quickly sold, and with requests for more I decided to open up this limited fine art print run through the end of November to continue supporting the sanctuary.

limited print run:

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What portion of the profits benefit Red Feather Farm?

50% of the profits will go directly to Red Feather Farm.

Will I get my print in time for Christmas?

Delivery timeline depends on the carrier and shipping method that you select, as well as uncontrollable variables like the shipping company themselves. Once you make your purchase, you'll receive email updates and tracking info along the way. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out at

Are prints returnable/refundable?

All sales are final, as is the case with most purchases of fine art.

How long do I have to order a print?

The print shop will remain live until 11/30/23 at midnight EST.

I have a question that hasn't been answered - what should I do?

Get in touch at or this contact page.

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